You are one step from experiencing a breakthrough holistic workout that empowers the body and expands the mind.
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Awaken a reformation of the physical body
and learn how to unlock the mind

Through the unique holistic movement sequences learn how to provoke the mind to let go of your limited beliefs and create more headspace.

We believe in an insane repetition of moves through which we find physical discomfort, that leads to an unrivalled body and mind connection.

You leave our Sanctuary with a fit empowered body and energised mind. You feel like you've unpacked, unlocked something...

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Sanctum Signature Sequence

A signature 50-minute sequence with a holistic approach balancing both the physical and mental self. It finds its background in multidisciplinary forms of physical conditioning & modern fitness.

Combining these methods with hand and ankle weights, candlelit ambience and powerful music.

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