Mindful Movements

Sanctum was born from the desire to push physical, mental and spiritual boundaries to live richer life as a result. Curiosity of life and spirit of not settling for ordinary got us to this breakthrough mindful movement.

Founded by partners in life, in crime and in business: Luuk Melisse and Gabriel Olszewski. Luuk has his professional background in dancing and acting. Gab is a marketeer specializing in branding, communications, and innovations.

Love For Movement

“We created Sanctum out of love for movement. Traditional fitness or yoga were simply not enough for us. We missed true a connection of high intensity workout with effortless expression and mindfulness. We travelled the world exploring and studying eastern movement and mindfulness practices, as well as cutting edge fitness concepts from LA or NYC. We collected all these powerful disciplines and blended uniquely into an unmatched Sanctum sequence.”

Joy And Relief

“The concept really crystalized in our minds at the beginning of COVID-19 breakout. We started hosting Instagram workouts from the living room of our house in Amsterdam – ‘ we thought, let’s just try and see’. People immediately fell in love in the method. It gave them a sense of joy and relief. We then evolved it to performing the Sanctum class on our friends and the Amsterdam community who simply missed working out during challenging and tough times. A couple of months later Vogue magazine identified Sanctum as one of the top 5 fitness trends in 2021. We landed in the ranking next to Peloton and other global fitness concepts described as ‘sweat, glow and transform’. At that point of time we know we were up for something revolutionary and groundbreaking”

Safe Space

With SANCTUM concept we tap into an insight of growing stress and anxiety levels. People look for activities allowing them to let go and release. This is where Sanctum comes to play. In a world full of uncertainty with societies, families and relationships in flux, people look for a safe space to experience effortless sense of joy and release, without any judgement or being labeled. A place where they can express all emotions and focus on physical, mental and spiritual exploration.
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