It's my first time, which classes can I join?

Welcome to the Sanctum movement! You can join every class, since all the classes are suitable for every level. We are more than happy to explain our concept face to face to you and guide you through your first time. You can choose between different types of classes as well as indoor / outdoor options.

I am not sure this class is for me. I wonder if Sanctum might be physical for me?

Sanctum is a high intensity movement that involved full body work. You burn 500-700 calories in each class. That said Sanctum is not a classic HIIT class. We work with various body and mind disciplines and we move in a mindful way. This means we put intention behind every move and we use physical body as w vessel to reach the mind. The result is fit and healthy body but more importantly, you release and let go on a mental and spiritual level. Each move has a build up from simple to more advanced that is why it is suitable for those very fit as well as less fit students.

How do I book a class?

The easiest way to book the class is via our booking system. You need to set up your personal account, book a preferred class and you are good to go.

What happens if I am late to the class?

Please arrive 5-15 minutes before that class. The class starts sharp on time. The door closes 3 minutes before the class starts, to give the people on the waiting list the chance to join the class.

Can I cancel my class?

Yes, you can cancel without charge up to 24 hours before class. Event such as Secret Sanctum are non refundable.

What is the price of a Sanctum class? Is there a membership possible?

You can see our prices here. We offer various packages and promotions. We also offer an unlimited membership for €90,- a month.